Mindfulness Grab ‘n’ Go

Hong Kong is one of the most overworked city in the world. The fast-paced work environment can be very efficient but at the same time, very stressful. That’s why everyone should practice mindfulness breaks at work to prevent burnout and exhaustion.

Mindful Eating

We have a wide range of special beverages for you to kick start your mindfulness campaign with mindful eating. Not only the beverage contains the substance for relaxation, the slow brewing process also helps your team to slow down and enjoy every sip in a relaxed manner. Just a 10-minute mindfulness break will do wonders for your team.

Mindfulness Activity

From yoga class, essential oil workshop or other customized activities, we have right mindfulness solution to pamper your employees and cultivate mindfulness at work!

Mindfulness Package: $4888/20 staff

  • Week 1 Relaxation & Calm: De Blooming Tea
  • Week 2 Stress Relief: Chocolate Stirrer
  • Week 3 Energy Boost: Coffee Brewer
  • Week 4 Mindfulness Activities: Yoga Class
Mindfulness package

More mindfulness activities are available for premium package! Want to know more? Contact your account manager TODAY!

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