Procure Solutions In One Platform

Procure Solutions In One Platform

Think of Lyreco Delivers Wellness as your strategic sourcing partner helping you plan, source, and deliver a full spectrum of products, solutions, and experiences — with a single account manager touch point. We offer you good quality solutions that meet your employees’ demands, at a price that’s designed for you.

Better Wellness,

Better Engagement

Flexible work arrangements need a more adaptive office solution. At Lyreco Delivers Wellness, we offer you a wide selection of ergonomic office supplies and furniture to ensure your team’s comfort wherever they work.

Designed with your employees' needs in mind

Hassle-free sourcing of employee solutions

All costs are optimized for your budget

Enhance Your

Employee Experience

Coffee Solutions

Quality coffee selections are a must in the pantry, for when your staff needs a perk-me-up.

Fresh Fruits

Daily fresh fruit selections your staff will love,. Regular and seasonal fruits available.

Healthy Snacks

Premium packaged snack selections, provide staff with a healthier way to snack.

Water Solutions

We offer a range of water dispensers and filters that reduce plastic consumption and save on costs.

Hygiene Supplies

Maintain workplace safety with our full range of hygiene and protection kits.

Ergonomic Protections

We have a wide range of ergonomic office furniture and supplies to bring comfort to the workplace.

Your People Are Your Greatest Resource.

Let us partner with you to raise their performance to the next level.
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