Drive Employee Engagement
and Satisfaction

Drive Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Think of Lyreco Delivers Wellness as your holistic partner for enabling positive employee experiences. We help you plan, source, and deliver a full spectrum of products, solutions, and experiences, supporting you like an extended member of your HR team.

Better Wellness,

Better Engagement

We help you take care of your staff’s physical, emotional, and mental needs so that they can be fully involved and engaged in their work. Leverage on our range of employee wellness and reward solutions, curated to enhance your workplace environment and experience.

Better ideas for employee retention and engagement

Holistic wellness calendar for better budget planning

A multi-channel approach to team building

Care For Your Employees

Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally

Nutritious Pantry Supplies

Replenish your team’s energy with nutritious snacks and pantry supplies

Mindfulness Seminars

Breathing exercises and meditation practices for clarity and stress relief

Fitness & Physical Training

Keep fit by participating in classes for strength and weight training, and posture correction

Arts & Crafts DIY Workshops

Discover new hobbies by joining workshops on leatherwork, terrazzo, and zentangle

Chinese Medicine Workshops

Bring in Chinese Medicine experts to offer acupressure, massage, and tips on using Chinese herbs

Freshly-Made Food

Replenish employee energy with freshly brewed coffee, wine and cocktail tasting, and enjoy latte art workshops

Bespoke Packs

Improve employee relations within your company with bespoke packs that carry your branding

Care & Gift Packs

Send personalized gift packs to show your care and appreciation to employees


Give business partners and employees a token of appreciation with our hampers

Your Employees Deserve Better Experiences.

Let us partner with you to raise their performance to the next level.
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