Fruity Grab ‘n’ Go!

All forms of fruits matter! We offer a wide selection of fresh fruits and fruity snacks for your pantry. You can definitely WOW your team with our refreshing Fruity Grab ‘n’ Go!

Standard Package: $4888/40 staff

  • Week 1: Fruit Cup + Fruit Tea
  • Week 2: Mango Mochi + Konjac Jelly Drink
  • Week 3: Fruity Yogurt + Dried Fruit
  • Week 4: Fruit-and-Nut Mix + Fruit Drink

Premium Package: $9888/40 staff

You can upgrade to premium package to enjoy more premium fruity options and a 2-hour juice bar event.

All inclusive 2-hour juice bar*:

  • Fresh fruit & consumables
  • Decoration
  • Equipment rental
  • Professional server

Feel free to contact your account manager to learn more!​

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