Total Catering Solutions

Good food brings people together! That’s why we launch the full range of catering services to take your corporate event to the next level. From light sandwiches to buffet, Asian to Western dishes for multicultural workplace and customized menu for thematic event, find something for every taste and occasion.


catering solutions


Wide range of catering solutions for all events


High quality cuisine provided by licensed food factory


Custom menus, cutleries and decorations are available

Catering Menu
Sample Lunch Menu $5,088
  • Salad X 1 tray
    • Chicken, Apple & Romaine / Pumpkin, Mushroom & Lentils
  • Appetizer X 1 tray
    • Parma Ham & Melon / Chinese Style Appetizer
  • Canapes X 48pcs (2 types)
    • Caviar Cream Cheese Tart / Asparagus Roll / Seared Tuna
  • Main Dish X 1 tray
    • Roasted Chicken / Mussels in White Wine & Garlic Bread
  • Vegetables X 1 tray
    • Grilled Mixed Vegetables (Broccoli, Zucchini, Eggplant, etc.)
  • Pasta X 1 tray
    • Garlicky Greek Spaghetti / Braised E-fu Noodles with Mushroom
  • Rice X 1 tray
    • Pumpkin & Chicken Barley Risotto / Dried Scallop Fried Rice
  • Dessert X 24pcs
    • Apple Crumble Tart / New York Cheesecake

Let us elevate your guest and employee experience in meetings and conferences!

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