Delivering Wellness for a

We provide customized solutions for corporations and businesses to take care of employees’ 360° wellbeing. You can get everything you need from pantry solutions to employee wellness activities all in one place.

Personalized Pantry Management​


Better Workplace Environment


Thoughtful Gifts and Carepacks​

Personalised Pantry Management

Engaging Wellness Events

Thoughtful Gifts and Carepacks

Is Delivering Employee

Solutions Easier Said Than Done?

As an HR or Business Leader, are you: 

How We Ensure Your Employees Have a
Positive Experience with Our Wellness Solutions

We believe that engaging employees is crucial to the success of any business. At Lyreco Delivers Wellness, we don’t just provide generic corporate solutions to promote the overall wellness of your employees. We take a personalized approach to each of our solutions to ensure that they fit your company’s unique needs and culture.

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Our Offering


A collection of customizable subscription programs to plan and implement fresh fruits, healthy food and beverage supplies for building a wellness-oriented pantry.


A collection of customizable solutions to appreciate and uplift your employees with surprising treats for fostering an engaging work environment.


A consultation program for building a safe and efficient workplace for your employees, while also reducing costs and burden on the environment.

Create Better Employee Experience

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